Негабарит • Проектирование, организация и осуществление перевозок негабаритных грузов, тяжеловесных грузов • Низкорамники • Низкорамные платформы • Перевозка спецтехники• негабаритные перевозки автотранспортом rus rus     eng eng
Доставка купола для храма святителя Спиридона Перевозка ферм (негабаритный груз) Перевозка негабаритного груза - буровой станок весом 46 тн Перевозка негабаритного груза - печь для цементного завода весом 70 тн Complex desision of the delivery of super HL&ODC
Autotransports Автоперевозки негабаритных грузов Перевозка экскаватора на низкорамнике в Курск Перевозки негабаритных грузов Негабаритный трубоукладчик на Ухту. Перевозка КТГ.

107045 Moscow, Russia,
Prosvirin per.6

E-mail: rttinfo@mail.ru

We offer:

  • delivery of non-gabarits and heavy cargoes by autotransport 
  • police escort 
  • insurance of cargoes and transports
  • loading/unloading operations
  • engineering supervision and control
A short list of only most big projects, in which we participated, managed or executed:

• Shurtan Gaz-Chemical Complex, Uzbekistan 1998 - 2000;
• Lebedinsky GOK, Gubkin, Russia 1995-1996;
• Omsky oil refinery, Russia 1999:
• Moscow-City, Moscow; 2001-2003, 2006-2007
• Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsyntez, Yaroslavlj, Russia 2002 - 2004,
• Incineration plant, Moscow, 1995
• Fergana-Azot, Uzbekistan 2001-2002
• Aktjubinks power plant< Kazahstan 1993-1994
• Dzerzhinsk power plant, 1995, Russia
• South Power Plant, St Petersburg 1994
• Kaluga Brewery plant, Russia, 2004-2005
More then 20 years experience in special transports

transport-forwarding company, the owner of the transport means
20 years – our experience in arranging and execution of the transport of oversized and heavy cargoes by autos .
Modern transport means, Low-bed  extendible semi-trailers.
We deliver different road-construction machines – excavators, bulldozers, loaders, drilling self-propelled equipment, cranes, pipe-layers, agricultural technique, combines, harvesters, super oversized industrial equipment, concrete and steel constructions, poles and so on..

Contactus:  +7 965 368 97 47

* The transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes by auto trucks. Low bed semi-trailers for the transport of cargoes upto 40 m length and 80 t weight;
* Insurance, agreements, permissions, escort and safety cars;
* The investigations of the routes of transports;
* Complex civil-engineering design and calculations for the transport of HL&ODCs ;
* transport-forwarding services;
RusTjazhTrans-  it’s a company of specialists with the experience of work in foreign trade enterprises Sojuzvneshtrans and Sojuztransit and special transport organization – Spetstjazhtrans, Moscow  

Our specialists took part and executed big projects, arranged the transport of super-oversized and heavy lifts, including some of unique.
All photo pictures, displaced on our web-site, are the works executed by our managers and workers.